Your partnership provides life-saving medical assistance, accessible food, and free, clean water for communities.

Meet Urgent Needs

Break Cycles of Poverty

Your partnership provides quality education, access to business training, agricultural initiatives, and gainful employment.

Spread the Gospel

Your partnership provides ongoing discipleship, Bible  and material, as well as leadership training for ministry expansion.

Together, we are bringing social, economic, and spiritual life to communities dying from extreme poverty.

We are establishing sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments.

785 Million People Lack Access to

Safe Drinking Water

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Partners like you made it possible for

24,000,000 cups of clean, cold water to be served

in Jesus' name in 2019. 


This life-sustaining resource is available 24/7 for the communities we serve. 

3.6 Billion People Around the World Lack Access to Essential Health Services


Through our ministry centers, over 9,000 children, youth, & adults received medical treatment or health services last year.

1 out of 3 Children Across the Globe Suffers from Malnutrition


When you support the agricultural initiatives at our centers, families learn how to grow food to nourish themselves.


Your generosity through Vapor Ministries feeds children who would otherwise go hungry for days at a time. Because of you, we were able to serve over 120,000 meals in 2019.

41% of the World's Population

Has Little to No Access

to the Gospel

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Because of supporters like you, thousands of people in our discipleship programs are advancing the Gospel in the communities surrounding our centers as well as less reached and unreached areas.


With thousands finding Jesus, local churches are thriving and new churches are being planted around our centers.

“As Senior Pastor of Church of the Highlands, I'm blessed to count the McElveen Family, as well as others from the Vapor Ministries team, among my church family. Church of the Highlands is helping to impact the world, in part, through our partnership with this ministry.”

Pastor Chris Hodges

Founder & Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Birmingham, AL

We are most alive when we are making a difference. And yet we are tempted to waste our lives on things that won't matter when our time runs out. But it's not too late. 


People like you are bringing social, economic and spiritual life to communities dying from extreme poverty by investing in Vapor Ministries. We make it easy for you to live impact-fully. We responsibly steward your donations to establish holistic ministry centers that break the chains of poverty that bind underdeveloped communities. 


Let us empower you to spend life making a difference.

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