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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 77 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line, and 51 percent of the population is unable to read or write. (source: The World Bank).

Vapor Ministries has established two centers in Haiti. One is in the metropolis of Ouanaminthe and the other is in the small town of Dilaire, both of which are nestled close to the border of the Dominican Republic. Ouanaminthe is home to approximately 100,000 people and is one of four major land crossings into Haiti. Many vendors travel to and from the Dominican Republic during the week to sell their goods. Dilaire, on the other hand, is much smaller and home to around 7,000 people. Dilaire has a large percentage of Voodoo followers and is in great need of poverty alleviation and spiritual truth. On your trip, you will visit and participate in the ongoing ministry at both centers. 

At both centers, the children who participate in the leagues receive disease-prevention training, basic medical assistance and other forms of humanitarian aid. The poorest children at the centers receive their education and support through Hasmin’s Friends, Vapor Ministries' child sponsorship program. If you are a sponsor of a Hasmin's Friend in Haiti, you will have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child during your trip. 

Information packets and applications for our upcoming trips to Haiti are available below. 

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About our Centers in Haiti -

Dilaire & Ouanaminthe

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